We specialize in the design and Engineering of reliable wireless communication infrastructure -
no matter how complex.

Engineering Services

Comtech’s engineering team provides in-house RF network survey and design, certified structural and electrical engineering, and drafting services required to guarantee proper execution of your project.


  • Structure analysis
  • Foundation design
  • Foundation reinforcing
  • Tower reinforcement design
  • Rooftop analysis
  • Antenna mount design
  • Platform support frames
  • Shelter support frames
  • Fabrication drawing seal
  • Engineering support
  • Electrical design

Drafting / CAD

  • In-building drawings
  • Full rooftop design drawings
  • Preliminary design drawings
  • Permit drawings
  • Antenna mount drawings
  • Structural design drawings
  • Modification drawings
  • Fabrication drawings
  • As-built documentation
  • Construction drawings

Our teams use the latest CAD systems and tower analysis software to confirm we meet safety, CSA and federal regulations as well as your desired standards.

Our Benefits

  • Years of industry experience
  • Certified professionals in all provinces
  • Provide turn-key solutions
  • Cost effective
  • High quality results

Custom Wireless Solutions

Comtech offers comprehensive, custom Engineering services covering wireless telecommunication network planning, design and configuration including new sites, upgrades and site capacity increases.

Wireless Coverage Solutions

From concept through design, implementation, testing commissioning, and troubleshooting, Comtech can provide you with a complete wireless coverage solution.

Architectural and Engineering Solutions

Comtech performs a wide range of A&E services, including the design, analysis and reinforcement of towers, foundations, platforms, and various other structures.

Member of The Association of Professional Engineers