Telecom Services

Our Telecom Solutions division will give you a customized wireless solution so you can focus on you.

Network Operations Centre (NOC)

Comtech offers reliable, world-class NOC services including infrastructure, management and support. Leverage our NOC as either a primary or secondary service to effectively allocate your resources to cut costs without sacrificing network stability or revenue-based services. We are fully ITIL-compliant with extensive experience to build and provide critical support in sensitive, multi-partner and multi-protocol networks giving you end-to-end infrastructure with high reliability and low cost of operation.

Our NOC provides:
• 24/7 network surveillance
• 24/7 call centre support
• Dispatch services
• Performance monitoring
• Trouble ticket management
• Event management
• Remote or onsite support
• Operational maintenance
• Circuit vendor management
• Trouble ticket management
• Project implementation support
• Project maintenance support

Our Benefits

  • 24/7 monitoring
  • Stay focused on your core business
  • Maintain compliance and security
  • Increase your service levels

Wireless Point-to-Point (PTP) Connectivity

Where wireline is not available, a wireless approach will provide reliability, confirm security, resolve topography issues, and implement rapid deployment for remote communications. Even between large distances, Comtech’s wireless PTP and point-to-multi-point (PTMP) solutions provide fast, dependable and protected connectivity.

Managed Wide Area Network (WAN)

We leverage our enterprise carrier partnerships to build you a reliable custom network urban and/or rural environments. We use wired and wireless options to optimize your connectivity requirements including increased reliability and security.


Combine multiple connections to create a single “Highly Available” virtual tunnel to deliver cost-effective and fast download/upload speeds. Eliminate unused “backup circuits” by using all-the-circuits-all-the-time for superior ROI and time savings–if one connection goes offline, your data will continue to flow to its destination. The system automatically adds the fixed connection back without re-configuration or technicians.

Managed WiFi

Businesses covering large areas (warehouses, high rises, arenas, campuses) require reliable connectivity to users and endpoint devices. We provide enterprise grade WiFi solutions to meet your coverage and capacity requirements along with the capabilities to design, build and manage your deployment. We will tailor our ongoing support options to your network’s requirements, so it continues to operate as designed.

Site Inventory System (SIS)

For a strong grasp of your assets, Comtech offers Site Inventory System (SIS)–tower management software with site reporting, document/photo sharing, inventory reports, advanced site filtering tools and much more. SIS is a web-based application to view current site information, structure details, and specific inventory items from a single website.

Low Earth Orbit Satellite Connectivity (LEO)

Compared to traditional satellite, you can reduce propagation delay (latency), lower propagation loss, and increase download speeds up to 195 Mbps (per terminal) with our various product plans. Our flexible solutions will enhance your connection or application requirements and can tie in seamlessly with our Comtech SD-WAN product feature.

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IT Featured Services

Network Operations Center (NOC)

World-class Network Operations Center infrastructure, management, and support.

Help Desk and Desktop Support

Live, friendly and skilled front-end phone support service.

Network Architecture and Design

Our System Architect Consultants design and build systems and infrastructure that scales.

Software Development

As a full-service custom software company, we design and develop the best solutions for our customers.

Security Architecture

We can help with your security strategy, architecture, design, and policies.

On-Site Support

Providing on-site support service that includes troubleshooting and hardware problem resolution.