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Viterra Engages Comtech to Help Improve Wide Area Network

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Viterra Wide Area Network Project
Viterra Wide Area Network Project

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Viterra approached Comtech with a task: improving their Wide Area Network. Their existing infrastructure included platforms, technologies and products from several different carriers, ISPs and service providers – making integration incredibly difficult. This meant that Viterra was left without a useable and consistent Wide Area Network to fulfill their unique network requirements across a broad geographic market base.

Each individual offering was an ongoing development, which resulted in inconsistent performance from endpoints to Viterra’s headquarters. Despite a myriad of technologies and network infrastructures, there was no available method for any single entity to monitor or indicate performance. There also wasn’t a consistent user experience across multiple business units, due to differing degrees of geographic isolation, circuit availability, equipment, and inconsistencies that Viterra had inherited from site acquisitions.

This is to say, they indeed had a WAN – but it did not perform to their complex needs because parts of it did not work cohesively together (nor could they!). Further, the metrics of performance were either unavailable or incompatible.

How Comtech Helped

The WAN as it previously existed was composed of Enterprise-class Wired and Wireless Carriers, Local Internet Service Providers, and internal Client IT infrastructure. Since no existing system had encompassed all, and the standard to which each would be held differed, there was significant doubt that an overall system performance criteria could be achieved.

Individual standards of the individual components could be met and monitored, each according to their own standard, but it wasn’t known if the system could be designed and quantified to perform to the highest standard among them.

To overcome this challenge, Comtech:

  • Imposed a performance standard to all components
  • Defined metrics and performance indicators
  • Created a methodology of change
  • Superimposed the highest of standards of performance and availability upon a mix of technologies that individually were unable to perform

The system as a whole performed compliant to criteria greater or equal to the highest of any individual part.


Our client sought the consolidation of all sites, all protocols, all data formats, and all performance reporting, for an overall system improvement heretofore unknown and technologically unfeasible. Comtech delivered.

The WAN Improvement Project represented a significant technological advancement for Comtech as a consolidation of such size, complexity and variation in equipment, protocols and monitoring metrics had not been previously undertaken.

The required utilization of existing equipment and infrastructure further added to the difficulty. No publically available information or precedent was available for technological consolidation of such comprehensive scope and rigid performance metrics. 

However, through innovation and advancement, we successfully developed a modern, multi-province, multi-state integrated network.

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