Comtech offers turnkey packages to support the TELUS EVDO Migration, from installation of new HSPA+ modems to complete installation kits.

TELUS EVDO Migration From CMDA to HSPA and LTE

EVDO Turn Down

As was announced in the fall of 2013, TELUS is currently re-allocating their wireless spectrum to make room for more HSPA+ and LTE services. Part of this re-allocation of spectrum will involve the turn down of TELUS EVDO data services which operate on the CDMA network. CDMA voice services will remain operational for several more years but will now be re-allocated to a different area of the same 800MHz spectrum to make room for the HSPA services.

EVDO provided users with anywhere from 2.4 Mbit/s of bandwidth up to 3.1 Mbit/s. The HSPA services TELUS will deploy offer anywhere from 14Mbit/s to 84Mbit/s.


What does this mean for you?

Essentially there will no longer be data services on the CDMA network other than basic 1x RTT services (153 kbit/s). For most data reliant users this will be unacceptable as the available bandwidth is incredibly small for today's typical usages. If you are operating a terminal, data-stick, modem or router product that used EVDO for data transmission you will need to upgrade to an HSPA and/or LTE capable product. The positive news is that since this is a change to the service within the RF spectrum and not a change in actual operating spectrum in most cases components like antennas, repeaters, cabling and lightening protection can all remain in their current form.

Bell EVDO Service Impact!

Bell users of CDMA EVDO devices are not immune to the Telus EVDO turn down. With the long established network agreements between Telus and Bell, we fully expect the upcoming turn down to impact all Bell EVDO services as well in the Vancouver, Calgary and Edmonton area. If you are a Bell or Telus user and believe you are impacted by the upcoming changes to EVDO data services please contact us to explore suitable options and avoid any outages.

On a positive noteā€¦

Since TELUS is gaining an extra 5MHz of spectrum for HSPA services in the 800MHz band, customers in rural parts of Alberta and BC should notice an increase in both capacity and coverage if they have an HSPA capable device. As well, the 700MHz wireless auction by the Canadian Federal Government was completed on the 19th of February and as a result, TELUS was awarded some very lucrative blocks of spectrum. These blocks of spectrum will be used for LTE technologies and as such we recommend future proofing your upgrade to be both HSPA and LTE capable across the pertinent bands.

Comtech Offers End-To-End Solutions!

At Comtech, we're here to help you with this transition to the newer technology with our broad range of professional services. We strongly recommend that you have a Path Study performed on your current or future deployment needs to determine if the location you would like to access HSPA data will work based on the nearest TELUS serving tower. We offer full turn-key packages of equipment & labour necessary to get the link established, whether you simply need the new HSPA+ modem or whether you need a complete installation kit including the labour to perform the installation, we can tailor a solution to fit your needs.

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